Michigan's got a cat burglar on their hands. Yeah, you read that right, a cat burglar.

Last week on Wednesday, According to MLive, the Laurium Police Department in Houghton County responded to a bizarre call. Just after 4:14 a.m. a man woke up to find another man holding him at gun point demanding he hand over his cats.

I'm sorry, what? Over my dead body, sir. Take anything you want except my cats, they're off limits.

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I'd be walking around my house auctioning things off like, "I know you said you wanted my cat but I think this shirt would go really great with your eyes. No? How about a kidney? I've got two, you can have one."

Which reminds me of this scene in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall when Russel Brand's character spills his drink on his shirt and he goes "Take my eyes, not the shirt."

Some of you are probably like are you nuts? Just give him the cat. Yeah, not happening. Lucky for me, one of my cats would probably take his hand off. Sorry, hope you didn't need that.

The intruder broke into the victims house and took one of the cats before leaving. Police believe that the suspect and homeowner have crossed paths at some point. Shortly after the break in, police were able to locate the suspect and he was arrested.

The suspect is currently facing charges of home invasion and felonious assault. Police are unsure if the cat has been located. Because the case is still under investigation, the suspect and victim have not been identified.

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