You know the cold and winter are coming in the mitten and I have been hearing many different predictions lately.  According to the Farmers Almanac, it will be a cold one with snow in the midwest and warmer on the west coast.

I am ready for anything and one thing is for sure winters and the weather in Michigan are very hard to predict.

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Word has it maybe we better get ready for a day or two in early November that will feel like the middle or end of December.

Cold Front Is Coming To Michigan

There is a cold front exploding across central and southern Canada right now according to It could bring us that cold is going to shift south over Michigan and the Great Lakes around November 3rd for a few days.

Here is the deal on November 3rd, we could see temps in the low teens which are way colder than normal. Michigans highs are usually in the low-50s the first week of November. In the a.m sometimes we are a bit above freezing.

The first week of November could have our first solid freeze. This cold is notable because it could happen on a cloudy night. Remember- clouds typically help hold the temperature up some at night. Cold air blowing over the Great Lakes usually means northwest Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula get the first inch or two of snow.

Might Want To Get Out The Heavy Coat

So let's get prepared, I look at it this way an early winter could mean an early spring, well let's hope so anyway.  Stay warm kids.

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