Detroit's own Jack White, who formed the rock band White Stripes and has produced albums and dueted with country music legend Loretta Lynn, does not now - and has NEVER owned a cellphone. And he's one of a growing number of musicians who won't allow their audiences to have phones at their shows.

According to the Business Insider, Jack has been "suspicious of technology" for some time now and doesn't like audiences at his concerts looking at their phones while he's performing - or recording video and audio of the show. So his shows are now "phone-free". The article explains how it's done.

How many other artists (and possibly country artists) will make their shows phone-free? With the technology available and the quality of recording available on phones these days, you can imagine artists being leery of bootleg recordings being made of their shows and making their way to the internet.

Interesting article. Read it here.


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