Before you go out and celebrate National Junk Food Day, you may want to check how many calories are in that burger you're about to scarf down, or that milkshake that couldn't come in a large enough cup.

According to A Calorie, that favorite fast food sandwich of yours is LOADED with calories. Here's a couple of examples from their list (compiled in 2007) of fast food items that have more than 1,000 calories:

A large Dairy Queen chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard contains approximately 1,320 calories

A Burger King Triple Whopper sandwich (with cheese) has approximately 1,230 calories

A McDonald's chocolate triple thick shake (32oz) contains approximately 1,160 calories

An Arby's meatball toasted sub has about 1,000 calories


Those are just a few examples, and of course, many restaurants have healthier options than those listed above. If you're curious as to how many calories some of your favorite fast food choices contain, you can find out a lot more and see a much more extensive list of restaurants and menus from Fast Food