Today is National Junk Food Day, and according to National Today, it's a "cheat day" and a day that you're allowed to enjoy your favorite junk foods without any guilt. Of course, there are lots of food choices that could fall into the 'junk food' category such as candy, fast food, potato chips, baked goods and more. So, when it comes to junk food in Michigan, what are some of the top choices?

Well, according to the a poll by, the favorite 'junk food' in Michigan is Sour Patch Kids. Sour Patch Kids? What? Yep, and if you don't believe me, you can click here to check out the map for yourself. (By the way, Oklahoma also has Sour Patch Kids listed as their favorite junk food, too, so at least we aren't the only state.) And what happens if you use the word 'snack' instead of 'junk food' in your search? Well, according to a chart from The Daily Meal, fudge is the favorite 'snack food' in Michigan. (Now, that one makes a little bit more sense because of the whole Mackinac Island Fudge connection.)

And favorite chips? I'm glad you asked. A chart from claims that America really only likes two kinds of chips--Doritos and Cheetos-- and they say that Doritos are the most popular brand of chips in Michigan. (They must not know about the Michigan-made Better Made potato chips.)

Click here to read more about National Junk Food Day and see some of their suggestions about how you're supposed to celebrate the big day.

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