Karaoke is something I adore taking part in.

Karaoke Night

Pre-Covid times, my husband and I, along with a group of friends of ours would go out for karaoke and drinks about once a month. And, it's kind of hard to explain, but the type of energy and rush you get from really nailing your karaoke selection is so fantastic.

You're up there, "center stage" so to speak, and people are listening to you sing your favorite songs with all your heart. And it's really not about having "the best voice". Good, great, okay, or bad...if you take the microphone and fully own that song, it's hard not to have a good time.

Favorite Songs for Karaoke

I like to keep a variety of songs and genres in my personal song arsenal. I've got Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa in my back pocket. It's nestled in there alongside I'll Make a Man Out of You from the Disney movie, Mulan. Like I said...variety. However, there's nothing quite like your favorite country song.

At the Charlie's Bar & Grill in Potterville that we liked to frequent, country music was the favorite genre of the patrons, and it made for such an awesome listening night. You got to hear all your favorites, whether you sang them or someone else did.

My favorite country songs to sing are Somethin' Bad by Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert and Gunpowder and Lead, also by Miranda Lambert. Those are just the ones I like to sing. My favorites to hear turn out to be some of Potterville and Lansing's favorite to sing.

Best Country Songs for Karaoke

When you're at a karaoke night where Country music is the genre of choice, you end up hearing all your favorites throughout the night, because they're everyone else's favorites too.

When I asked you what your favorite country song to sing at karaoke was, I got lots of answers. I loved seeing the variety, but it was also cool to see that there was one song that definitely came out on top. Check out the list below to see Lansing's 10 favorite country songs for a great karaoke night.

10 of the Best Country Songs for Karaoke

When it comes to karaoke, even if you don't have the greatest voice, you can still have a good time. Because the point isn't to have the best voice in the room. The point is to have a fun, shared experience with your fellow singers. In my opinion, a passionate performer makes for a way better evening than someone who happens to have a pretty voice. That being said, what songs are in your repertoire? We asked around to see what country songs you thought were the best for karaoke night. Take a look through the 10 best below, and perhaps you'll find something new to add to your lineup.

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