Few artists epitomize "Michigan Country" quite like Chad Flores.

As a matter of fact, "Michigan Country" is how Flores describes his sound. "It’s ultimately Southern Rock meets Country, but (with) lyrical content about the Midwest and the trials and tribulations we face," he says.

Michigan country artist Chad Flores
Photo via Chad Flores

"Growing up on Kid Rock, Eminem, and Bob Seger always made it seem like it was possible to make it out of Michigan," says Flores, a native of Muskegon. "There was an attitude to their music that bled through to the rest of us, but when my hometown band Pop Evil got signed it really struck me that this dream is possible - even from a small town like Muskegon."

About Michigan Country Artist Chad Flores

Chad Flores has been performing for audiences since before high school.

"When I was in 6th grade, I was in a 2-piece band called The Baboons," recalls Flores. "I played guitar and my buddy Brian played drums. We had a talent show at our middle school and it was surprisingly a very big deal in our town! At the time, boy bands were at the height of their popularity, and there were several boy band cover groups in the show. We didn’t expect much as far as placing. My drummer and I played “Sweet Home Alabama” and wowed the packed house. We won first place and I caught the bug immediately! I knew this is what I wanted to do."

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These days, Flores describes his on-stage performance style as Garth Brooks meets Kid Rock. "I want you to feel like you’re watching your best friend at a local pub even if you’ve never met me before."

Not only has Flores opened for musical acts ranging from Kenny Wayne Shepherd to Seether to the Eli Young Band, he's also had the opportunity to flex his acting chops as well.

Michigan country artist Chad Flores with "Cupid's Christmas" movie poster
Photo via Chad Flores

Flores was cast as Fire Chief Gonzalez in the 2022 Hallmark movie Cupid's Christmas, and got to be part of the movie's red carpet premiere in Detroit. He played a sold-out acoustic set for fans after the movie.

Musically, Flores says connecting with fans is key. "I want you to know that the music I write is real and from my heart. If it’s a happy up-tempo song, crack a beer and rock out! if it’s a somber song, I want you to feel that too."

Hear more from Chad Flores here.

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