Bacon ought to be its own food group.

Few things bring about more intense joy and bliss than a perfectly cooked slice (or 20) of hot, delicious bacon.

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The Power of Bacon

Bacon has the power to awaken even the sleepiest of souls. One of life's simplest pleasures is the mere aroma of it wafting through the house when someone's frying a pan full in the kitchen.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Where to Find Michigan's Best Bacon

There's something magical about the bacon served at Square One Breakfast & Bakery in East Lansing.

Remember Wilbur from the children's book, "Charlotte's Web"? The bacon at Square One may very well come from a little piggy fleet of Wilburs - because this must be SOME PIG.

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Square One's bacon is that thick (but not too thick) kind. I've never found it to be overdone or underdone. It doesn't crumble apart when you bite into it; it's got that ever-so-slight chewiness to it.

But the best part about the bacon at Square One Breakfast & Bakery in East Lansing is the farm fresh taste. There's a hint of smokiness, but a whole lot of "I'm sure this bacon was heaven sent".

Why You Shouldn't Go to Square One Breakfast & Bakery in East Lansing

I'll admit - this is a selfish request.

Square One is adjacent to the Michigan State campus, on Hagadorn Road right beside Pizza House.

Photo via Facebook (Square One Breakfast & Bakery)
Photo via Facebook (Square One Breakfast & Bakery)

While it has probably 6 or 7 booths and at least that many tables, it's not enough.

Getting a seat at Square One on the weekends can take some time. The word is getting out, and apparently everybody wants to sample their delicious breakfasts.

So, if you just don't go, I can get to my weekend bacon fix faster.

Here are some other local places you can try.

Here's Where To Find The Best Bacon Around Lansing

Bacon is, let's face it. Essential to life. So, where can you find some of the best bacon around Lansing? Try out these local places.

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