By now, I'm sure you well know that the Bath Township Police Department is hilarious. They're that special blend of protect and serve with a dash of light-hearted comedy. And lucky for us, they document they're silly shenanigans on Facebook! Well, they've done it again...

The Bath Twp Police posted on Facebook about their "Get Out Of Jail Free" event last year, and how it was such a great success that they want to do it again this year. It's exactly like it sounds; The Bath Twp Police are giving away "Get Out Of Jail Free" cards! There are just a few restrictions:

  • Must be 18 and +
  • "May not work in other jurisdictions."
  • "Does not work for DUI's"
  • Available at the Bath Twp PD February 29th & 30th

Good luck trying to get one, lol! Check out the hilariousness in their Facebook post. And check out the other times Bath Twp Police was hilarious!

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