Okay so I ran across this gem on the Bath Township Police Department's Facebook page while looking for another story. It's late but it's no less clever than it was originally.


One day special for our followers!

On Valentine's Day for the low cost of $500 you can have one of our Officers come to your residence and "arrest" you, but then just take you down the road so you can have the day to yourself!

Guys, use the opportunity to get some ice fishing time in, or get a couple brews with the boys!

Ladies, use the time to go to the wine store or bathtub market or whatever the heck it is you all do with your free time.

We will return you on Friday where you can tell your significant other about how much you missed them and wish that the stores still had flowers and cards in stock to make up for the inconvenience.

It is something to consider...that is what someone else here at the station said. I wasn't me honey...

Follow the Bath Township Police Department's Facebook page here.

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