You see those TV commercials all the time.

"(Insert Name Here) won (Some Huge Amount Of Money) from Publisher's Clearing House!"

Now, this probably makes me the dumbest guy on the planet, but I don't even know how you register for the sweepstakes. But I do know this, if somebody calls my house and tells me I've won but I need to send them money...I'm thinking that it isn't legit.

According to the Bath Township Police Department's Facebook page, there are some crooks hard at it out there pulling a PCH scam:

Recently there has been quite a few scams going around. We were just made aware of another scam where an individual calls and advises you've won the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes, however you need to send them $300 to cover taxes before they can send you the millions you've won.

Please, do not fall for these scams over the phone. Do not give any personal information out over the phone and as everyone knows, it's not legit unless they have a giant check in their hands with at least 10 balloons at your doorstep (sarcasm, that could be a scam too).

Follow The Bath Township Police Department's Facebook page here. It's always entertaining and informative.

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