I'll go ahead and say it; The Bath Township Police Department is amazing. They protect and serve, AND they're hilarious. If you happen to follow them on their Facebook page, you are well aware of how funny they are.

In the past, the Bath Township Police have tried to connect with the youth; have delivered a savage burn to a certain set of football fans; and even made it on to Jimmy Fallon's show. Now, they're just trying to help a cell phone get back to its owner.

Officer Lapham from Bath Township PD texted a contact from someone's missing phone in hopes of getting that contact to let the owner know about the missing phone. Hilarity ensues when the recipient texted his friend... on the missing phone... that the police just texted him from saying they had their friend's phone. They may have had a brain fart. Check out the exchange on the Bath Township Police Department Facebook page.

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