It was a couple months ago when Pizza Hut started selling their version of a Detroit-style pizza, and now, the originator of the classic Detroit-style, Buddy's Pizza, has something to say about it... or shall we say laugh?

In a bluntly-written press release from the Michigan-based pizza restaurant declared they're
"flattered by Pizza Hut's recent attempt" at the Detroit-style pizza.

We laughed when Pizza Hut claimed 'no one out pizzas the Hut,' but when you try to 'out Detroit' Buddy's, that gets the Motor City rumbling.

First off, they're not wrong because no one messes with Detroit. Secondly, I can't even blame them for laughing. Not just as a Detroiter, but as a pizza lover. Have you SEEN Pizza Hut's version of a Detroit-style pizza?! It's looks nothing like the promotional pictures originally released. Instead it ended up looking like breadsticks with sauce poured on top.

This is a slap in the face to all of Michigan!! Let's just say social media had a lot of opinions.

So, in response, Buddy's says that anyone who orders from them will also be helping out a good cause.

Through the end of April, Buddy's Pizza will donate 100% of its profits on Goldbelly to The Barstool Fund, which helps small businesses struggling with the financial impact of COVID-19.

Goldbelly is the service Buddy's Pizza uses to deliver their pizza all across the U.S.; this way people outside of Michigan get to experience what a REAL Detroit pizza is all about. But what makes it real? Well, in this particular situation (other than the photo shown above)

Pizza Hut in particular uses mozzarella cheese instead of Wisconsin brick cheese which changes the flavor dramatically.

Kudos to Buddy's for the move on giving back to small businesses. As far as Pizza Hut goes, maybe they should take the advice of the OG's and stick to knock-knock jokes instead of impressions.

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Buddy's Pizza originated in 1946 and now has 19 locations across Michigan.

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