With the snow that came down late Sunday afternoon, the roads in the Lansing area got a little tricky. I kept seeing posts on social media about people that were listening to  their scanners and following along with all the areas that had accidents. (And there were many.) Anyway, I felt like I was missing out on all the info, so I decided to tune in to the Ingham County Public Safety scanner feed on my phone.

First, I did hear quite a few emergency calls about cars that were in the ditch and what towing company should be called. I also was listening to the scanner when the whole armed robbery happened at the Subway on South Pennsylvania near Mt. Hope. I heard all about the gun, where the police were searching and what the alleged suspects were wearing. (You can read more from WILX about the armed robbery by clicking here.)

However, the funniest thing that I heard yesterday while listening to the police scanner was a call that came in about a car that had crashed into the Finley's. Now, if you've never seen it, the wall painting on the old Finley's building on South Cedar Street and Edgewood Boulevard does look like a van crashing into the side of the building. Unfortunately, with all of the accidents yesterday, someone thought the painting was real and called the police. A police officer actually had to go and make sure that everything was okay and judging from what I could hear, that officer had a hard time keeping a straight face explaining that it was just the wall painting that someone had seen and not an actual accident. :)

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