So I'm sitting there yesterday minding my own business, working on some work stuff at home before I take off and do work stuff at work.

Then, all of a sudden my phone which is generally on "Mute" starts ringing. What does that mean in my world? That means that there are a few people who are set in my phone that when they call it rings no matter what. Doesn't matter if it's on "Mute" or not. This time the ringing was a result of my wife calling me.

Better answer that one...right?

Me: "Hello."

Her: "The Tangy Crab is coming soon."

Me: "The...what is coming soon?!?"

Her: "The Tangy's going to be where the old Finley's was on Saginaw. There's a sign out in front of the place now that says The Tangy Crab is coming soon. I figured you'd want to know that."

She knows that I love just about everything seafood.

So I asked her to get me a photo if she could of what she was seeing there on Saginaw and I did some digging to find out what I could find out about The Tangy Crab. It seems they have a website that is under construction right now that will give you an idea of what the restaurant is about.

In fact, you not only can get a good idea of what they are going to be serving up at The Tangy Crab, you can also get a good idea of what they are all about from their About Us section of their website:

Good food and Good vibes...

We bring you the original low country southern boil where you can be carefree and eat.

That's it.

​No phones to distract you, only an overwhelming amount of snow crabs and Maine lobster tails.

Sharing our passion for seafood and spreading that with our community is our only goal.

Not sure when the restaurant will open, but you can get more info from The Tangy Crab website in the meantime.

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