If you win $1,000 with the WITL 1K Power Play, I've got some very unique ways you could spend that cash:


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    Toasted Grasshoppers

    Yep. Toasted grasshoppers are a real "thing" in Seattle. They're on the menu at Safeco Field and apparently they're so popular they actually keep selling out...Banana Don has more info about these terrific 'snacks'.  CLICK HERE to see what he has to say about toasted grasshoppers...yuck!

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    Arcade Games & Craft Beer

    Umm...do I need to say more?? It's arcade games and craft beer at The Grid Arcade & Bar now open in Old Town. Kristen Matthews has ALL the info about the new venue where I'm sure you and your friends could easily spend $1,000 and have tons of fun....CLICK HERE to check it out.

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    A Coney Dog Deep Dish Pizza

    I told you about this gem a couple of weeks ago but if you missed it, this year at Comerica Park, there's a brand new menu item: The Coney Dog Deep Deep Dish Pizza. The new pizza is covered with Coney dog chili, cheese, minced onions, sliced hot dog, and yes, yellow mustard. CLICK HERE to check out the new pizza you can enjoy while watching the Detroit Tigers.