I have been living in the Lansing area for over a year now and I have to say I am loving all the restaurants I have been dining at. I really do not have a bad review at any of them and some have been outstanding.

I have mentioned many times that I love to try all kinds of food and it is rare that I eat something that I will never try again. A few I will mention I will definitely be enjoying a lot into 2022.

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Yep, Michigan has its fair share of unique and different restaurants. You name it pancake houses to coney dog cafes. There is one I love  But there’s one I love that takes the cake when it comes to delightfully bizarre places to eat, and that’s Joe's Gizzard City in Potterville, Michigan.

Something Really Different

This is a must-try, I had them at plenty of fests over the summer and not only were they different but really delicious. Love the fries too.

Coming soon will be a Lansing is the longtime favorite according to lansingcitypulse.com. Can't wait for this one to open. It's Pablo’s Old Town Mexican Restaurant’s new location on Michigan Avenue in Lansing’s east side neighborhood.

Owner Pablo Maldonado originally planned to open a second location in REO Town, which was hyped up for several years but never came to fruition. This new address, set to be in operation by the end of the year, places the Mexican eatery just a stone’s throw away from El Oasis, another local favorite.

Want a Great Steak?

And last but not least one of my top 3 favorites in Lansing is Bowdie's Chop House in Downtown Lansing. Here is a pic of my last meal.


Great steaks and great sides and the martinis are ice cold. Some great wine choices as well, I suggest the house pinot noir.

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