Fast food restaurants are always trying to outdo each other. One might have this healthy option and the folks across the street have this healthy option. Let's be honest with ourselves. If you are eating fast food, it's not a healthy option.

I don't eat a lot of fast food anymore. There are some fast food places that I prefer over others in the event that I do crave fast food. Culver's is a good choice for me, or the Jimmy John's in Okemos when they decide to be open is also a solid pick.

Recently there has been a huge buzz about the Mexican Pizza returning to Taco Bell. I can understand the hype, it shouldn't have been removed from the menu in the first place. I would like to start a campaign to bring back the Chilito at Taco Bell, the old chili cheese burrito for $0.79.

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But it's not just Taco Bell that has taken over pop culture news with their menu addition. Here comes Arby's.

First of all, I don't recall Arby's ever offering a burger as a menu option. I like their sandwiches, so I'll roll the dice on the burger. This burger at Arby's is not our average burger. This is a fancy burger made with wagyu beef.

So that's pretty cool. But you know what's even cooler? Supporting local businesses. If you are in the mood for some wagyu beef, you could go to Arby's. Or you could go to one of these five Lansing restaurants:

Lansing Restaurants with Wagyu Beef

In the mood for some wagyu beef? These five Lansing restaurants have you covered.

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