If you've ever had the urge to shout "I'm king of the world!" from the bow of a ship, you'll soon have the opportunity to do just that, AND in pretty true form to the movie, because the Titanic II will be setting sail... soonish...

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Titanic II will be setting sail in 2022, just 110 years after it's predecessor hit an iceberg and sank. Even the thought of setting foot on something named after the Titanic gives me the creeps. Not to mention the fact that the Titanic II's maiden voyage will be the same route that the original took. Yeah, I think I'll wait before I buy my Titanic II ticket.

But, if the prospect of setting sail on the Titanic II doesn't bother you, you'll be happy to know that the new ship "will boast modern navigation and safety technology - including plenty of lifeboats." Read more about the Titanic II setting sail, here.

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