I love the ways restaurants since last year came up with new ideas to keep folks going out to dinner during COVID-19. It will continue this year and into 2022. I will personally keep going out to dinner this winter to help out our local businesses and of course to unwind and enjoy a great meal.

The city of Brighton, which is about a 40-minute drive from Lansing is one of the areas I visit when going out to dinner.

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One of the places have enjoyed there is El Arbol, they have cool comfortable igloo dining and so does the The Pound Bar.

Outdoor Dining In Lansing Area

The pandemic brought new excitement to outdoor dining with the heated igloos and I think they will be around long after the pandemic.

Many restaurants across mid-Michigan are bringing them back as COVID-19 cases rise once again according to wilx.com. One in the Lansing area I have been to many times is One North Kitchen And Bar in Lansing. They are a happy and safe option to enjoy great food and I have always had a great experience there.

With COVID still being high right now, with that -- people feel safe,” said manager Brittney Cruz. “It’s a chance for you to get out and about and kind of spend time with family.”

Save 50 Percent at Some Fine Restaurants

Plus One North Kitchen and Bar will have a new menu in 2022. Let's get out and support all Lansing area restaurants whether you want to dine in an igloo or simply just sit in an indoor dining room to enjoy a nice dinner.

Plus also check out all Keep Calm And Carryout, with fine restaurants offering $25 gift cards for only $12.50 in the Lansing area.

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