So it turns out that more than half of Michiganders miss going to the bar more than they miss going to the gym. I'm all for getting in some exercise, but I miss going to the bar more. What I miss the most is being able to socialize over a few drinks and an appetizer with my friends. I just miss normal life, okay?

While we may not be able to go to the bar, there is some good news. Wine and spirits are able to be packaged and shipped in bigger bottles now.

The Department of the Treasury bureau announced that wine and spirits can be sold and packaged in new sizes in the U.S. Wine can be sold in 200 mL, 250 mL, and 355mL bottles, while spirits are able to be shipped in 700 mL, 720 mL, 900 mL and 1.8 L bottle sizes. I'll cheers to that! According to the TTB,

"These new container sizes will provide bottlers with flexibility by allowing the use of the added container sizes, and will facilitate the movement of goods in domestic and international commerce, while also providing consumers broader purchasing options."

Does this mean fewer trips to the store? Maybe. Some Michigan breweries will be switching their popular beers over to bottles as well. There's been a high demand for aluminum cans for a few years and the pandemic has caused an increase. Do you prefer your beer in a can or a bottle? I don't mind either way. It all goes down the same!

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