It wasn't very scientific. By the way, who needs science when you can rely on the opinions of the massive Wittle Family?

Okay, back to the not very scientific part...We were sitting around the other day and the the subject if chicken tenders came up. Don't ask me why or how, because I'm not really sure, but it did.

Anyway, everyone in the room had an opinion on what are the best chicken tenders in the Lansing area. Who would've thought that something like yardbird could be such a polarizing subject, but yet it was...

I decided that it would be in everybody's best interest to take it to the people who make up the Wittle Family and get the real scoop instead of relying on the opinions of a bunch of DJ's, like me.

Thanks to everyone who participated on Facebook and now below is the results of that survey. A note that all of the restaurants who got a vote are included in the gallery below and the biggest vote getter's are also noted.

Check out the results and see if you agree with what ended up being the most popular restaurants in the area that serve chicken tenders.

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Where to Find the Best Chicken Tenders in the Lansing Area

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