While I'm not proud to admit it, I have never eaten at Mr. Taco.

Now that being said, it isn't because I never wanted to. I know people, lots of people who have always raved about the place. I just unfortunately as they say, never got around to it. This mind you happened, or didn't happen over a long period of time, from Mr. Taco's first run and subsequent closings, to the re-opening and now what seems to be a temporary re-closing.

According to the Lansing State Journal, the business is closed at 3124 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, but according to Mr. Taco's owner Bill Bonofiglo, it won't be closing for good. Mr. Bonofiglo says that the business is being rebooted. He also said that Mr. Taco is looking for a store manager and more crew.

Get more information about what is going on with Mr. Taco here from the Lansing State Journal, and when I find out that they have re-opened, I'm going to go get some Mr. Taco.

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