Shopping has been different this year, and done mostly online, but you will still be able to find some great deals this month on things you need or back to school stuff. This year has been tough and I'm sure you are saving for something important so to help you with that below are the things that are little cheaper in September.

Before I mention what is a little cheaper in September, I'll mention some things you shouldn't waste your money on this month. First, you want to avoid buying a new television, if you need one badly then go get one otherwise try and wait until November before you get one. Next, Halloween is almost here and you will see lots of candy in the stores you should probably grab some of that (before the price hike happens mid-October) but try and avoid buying a Halloween costume this month. Retailers usually hike up the price of costumes in September but due to the pandemic we still aren't really sure how trick-or-treating and Halloween will go this year. You can see more on don't buys this month here.

What You Want to Buy in September

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