Whenever a business closes its doors for the last time, it's always sad. That's a whole staff of people who are out of a job and one less business for the area to patronize.

Tragically, the last two years have been especially had on businesses, particularly restaurants. In recent months, Lansing and the surrounding area have seen a multitude of places close;

Leo's Outpost, DeLuca's, Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe, American Bistro, Outback Steakhouse, Mr. Taco, Wings Over East Lansing, and more.

Tim Horton's on Jolly Road in Lansing is Closed

Included in those closures over the last few months is the Tim Horton's location on Jolly Road off of Dunckel in Lansing. This place has been closed for a little while now. And sadly, that corner has seen its share of loss in business in recent times.

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The Burger King there closed. However, a Leo's Coney Island is planned for that spot. A Conrad's Wraps was planned for inside the plaza next to Biggby, but those plans were nixed.

Courtesy Kristen Matthews
Courtesy Kristen Matthews

Tim Horton's in Michigan

This particular Tim Horton's closure wasn't part of some mass set of closings for the chain, it seems it was just this particular location. There are still some locations throughout the greater Lansing area, not to mention plenty throughout Michigan as a whole.

  • Lansing's South Side @ 2774 Eaton Rapids Rd
  • Lansing's West Side @ 728 S Waverly Rd
  • 12962 Old U.S. 27 in Dewitt
  • 1715 W Michigan Ave in Jackson

What Restaurant Should Open in Lansing Now?

Since this old Tim Horton's location is up for grabs, what's something you'd like to see take its place?

The delicious Lansing Foodies Facebook group has mentioned more than once that they'd like to see a Waffle House come to Lansing...this could be the perfect opportunity. The closest location to Michigan is in Toledo, Ohio.

We'd love to see a local business blossom in this space. It could be perfect for a small ice cream shop or maybe a cute boutique. Whatever happens, we'd love to hear what you think should take over this space. Let us know by sending us a message with the station app or sending us a message on Facebook.

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