Has anyone in your family said something over thanksgiving dinner over the years and maybe ruined thanksgiving?  Well with everything going on and all the chaos in the world in 2021. This MAY be the year. CAREFUL. I learned over the years to never bring up politics (A rule for me on social media too).  And also never talk about anyone in the family that is not there. Things tend to escalate if you say something about someone and it gets back to them. Trust me on this one.

One suggestion they have is

There’s a distinct possibility that your family gathering will have children present. Take advantage! Talk about baby and toddler milestones. Talk about school with the elementary kids. Solicit pop culture opinions from the teens and rate the withering glances and eye-rolls that they’ll throw at you when they aren’t focused on their devices. Do avoid asking any high school or college-aged students if they’ve started looking at the job market yet; no dinner was ever improved by a panic attack.


I love this idea. Ask everyone at the table who they most would like to have over for thanksgiving dinner next year.  It could be a celerity, a relative that passed away or even a fictional character. Fun Huh? If I could pick a famous person it would be Elvis Presley. Only because we have so much in common and we look alike. LOL!

Who would you invite?

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