There is no doubt that the holidays will be better and more enjoyable this year than last because of the pandemic. It sure has been tough on a lot of folks, especially families.

These days it seems like it's one dilemma after another as we try to get back to normal and the food supply shortage is sure not helping things.  All we can do is stay positive and do the best we can.

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Thanksgiving is just days away and for some families, this will be their first Thanksgiving prior to the pandemic, and cooking dinner this year may end costing us a bit more at check out at the grocery store according to There may even be less variety on the shelves.

What Thanksgiving Cost Us In 2020

Here is the deal. this time last year, the average price for Thanksgiving dinner was around $46.90 says the Farm Bureau, and no doubt will cost us more in 2021 with the supply shortage we are feeling in the Lansing area.


I think Thanksgiving cost will be up, slightly over last year,” said Ernie Birchmere, Senior Commodity and Industry Relations Specialist for Michigan’s Farm Bureau. We have seen supply chain disruptions over the last year, and when you have a link in the chain that goes down that when we start to see price increases, that’s when we start to see shortages on the grocery store shelf.


What we need to do is keep our eyes posted on sales and good deals. I found some stores giving good discounts just by getting their app. Also, a good way to check for sales at different stores.

Lets Count Our Blessings This Holiday Season

No matter what is on the table for the holiday's let's also remember what they are all about. Family, friends, and counting our blessings.

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