I can think of a lot of foods that have been eliminated from the menu at fast food restaurants over the years. There are even some products in grocery stores that I miss.

I'm not a fan of limited items on a menu.  If I want a McRib from McDonald's, they tell me what time of year I can have one. I love the Orange Creamsicle shake they had at Arby's, but now it's replaced with a Mint green thing.

And I dig Taco Bell, but I know a lot of folks that are not happy about some of the latest menu changes.

Taco Bell took off 12 Items including the Beefy Fritos Burrito and many others, which they call "decluttering" their menu. Check more out that here from NRN.com. Taco Bell lovers have even started a campaign to save them.

Did hearing the Taco Bell news make you think about all of the other food items that have been taken off of menus over the years? Or was that just me?

Anyway, whether you were wondering before or are now after I pointed it out, Soyummy.com has a list of some of the things that are now fast food history. Check out the list below and see if you remember any of them.

  • Burger King's “Satisfry”
  • McDonald’s Mighty Wings
  • Pizza Hut's Sicilian Lasagna Pizza
  • Taco Bell's Firecracker Burrito.
  • The McJordan from McDonald's
  • Wendy’s Fresh Stuffed Pitas
  • Popeye’s Cookie Dough Tenders
  • The Big ‘N Tasty from McDonald's

Why did they get rid of all these things? Well, it wasn't always about them not tasting good. Sometimes people didn't even realize they were on the menu. If you're a creature of habit, you may get the same thing at chain you go to a lot. In that case, you wouldn't know what else is on the menu because you've never had to look.

Do you have a favorite Item you can't get anymore? Please share what it is!


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