A recent online post went viral following a claim that a sex trafficking ring working between Detroit and Chicago is targeting a Grandville shopping center.

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Is there a sex traffic ring targeting Grandville?

The post was featured on a local Facebook group and alleges that Cabela's in Grandville has warned employees about 'nabbing' for sex trafficking:

Hey everyone. Heads up. My hubby works at Cabelas in Grandville
He said there was an order of sorts that no one is to leave from work to the parking lot alone. Especially women and young girls. Always in a group with the men. Evidently there has been a lot of nabbing for sex trafficking. From Detroit to Chicago ..,and Grand Rapids. this warning I guess went out to all the stores in that area. Be aware. At all times.

What did the original poster say about the warning?

The original poster has since deleted the post once questions were asked about the information given to the employees.


Has Cabela's in Grandville made a comment yet?

A message to Bass Pro Shops, the parent company of Cabela's, inquiring about any notice to employees has not been returned.

What do the Grandville police have to say?

In a statement to Townsquare Media the Grandville police department says they know of no specific threat in the area at this time:

Grandville PD has not had any reports of abductions, nor did we issue this warning to Cabela’s staff. We will be contacting them to see if there is any current concerns.

Grandville Police Department
Grandville Police Department

What should I do to stay safe in a parking lot?

While there is no specific threat at this time, it's always best to keep these safety tips from ACRT.com in mind when out and about, and especially in parking lots:

Via ACRT.com

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