Do you ever stop to realize that you live in (or near) the capitol of Michigan? Yeah, 'big deal' some of you may say...but those are usually the ones who have lived here most – or all – of their lives and just shrug it off.

But Lansing has quite a legacy, quite a history, and quite the tales to tell. Tales of crime, celebrities, murder, ghosts, entertainment, mobsters, Native Americans, shady politicians, and so much more.

It's a gas to take a look back and see photos, relics, or paraphernalia that is part of Lansing's recorded past. That old 1930s matchbook, cup, book, etc. that you hold in your hand is like time travel. You are actually holding time in your hands...something that was around 90-100 years ago, and it's right in front of you. Who owned it before you? How many people? What stories could it tell? That's pretty amazing, if you really think about it.

I've dug up some more stuff to show you in the gallery below...there is no theme to the pictures, aside from the fact that they are all from Lansing's past, and that should be enough. You'll see papers, pictures, postcards, souvenirs, plus more things that will surprise you and help us unravel what time in Lansing was like all those decades – and over a hundred years – ago. Following the gallery are even more vintage Lansing images!

Miscellaneous Lansing, Part 5


Life In Lansing, 1850s-1960s

Lansing Restaurant Memorabilia

Lansing Miscellaneous Part 3

Miscellaneous Lansing 4

Vintage Photos of East Lansing

Lake Lansing's Spiritualist Camp, 1882-1890s

Lansing Brothel 1880s-1890s

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