If you've ever wished you could have an Uber pickup the food you ordered and bring it to you instead of having to go and get it, wish no more...

According to the Lansing State Journal, Uber is launching its Uber Eats app and delivery service to parts of Lansing starting 9 am Thursday, March 15th. This branch of Uber offers to pick up the food you ordered and deliver it to your door. At first, Uber Eats will only deliver to parts of the Lansing area; "downtown Lansing area, East Lansing, MSU, Okemos, south side, [and] Waverly," reports Michigan Uber Eats general manager, Annie Margaret. But that's just for now. Margaret said Uber is already "looking to expand pretty quickly in the future".

For now, Uber Eats will start delivery with over 50 Lansing area restaurants, including "Saddleback BBQ, Mitten Raised... Eastside Fish Fry" and more! What's cool is that some of the restaurants that are partnering with Uber Eats will now be able to offer delivery for the first time. So if you've ever wanted to try some food from one of the participating restaurants, but haven't/can't make it there... Uber Eats can soon bring it to you!

To learn more about how the service works and all the restaurants involved, click here

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