Boy, did we ever have a good selection of toys to choose from when we were know - back in the days before everything was a computer game or 'download available'.

Toys of choice for the boys were guns, trains, trucks, space stuff, and monsters.

Toys that were preferred by the girls were dolls, doll accessories, easy-bake ovens, stuffed animals, and clothes.

At least, that's what TV was telling the boys and girls they wanted. When the latest fad arose, BOOM...a toy or game was made for it. Current movies, movie & TV stars, singers, dances, comic book characters...whatever the fad was, there was a toy for it.

Hula hoops, Frisbees, Super Balls, Slinkys, Silly Putty, Mr. Microphone, Coonskin Caps...they all peaked at one point or another and when the fad died down, so did sales.

We had our favorite toy stores, whether it was Woolworth's, Kresge, K-Mart, Shopper's Fair, Toys "R" Us, Meijer, most department stores...or that little 'mom & pop' shop down the street. We loved going down there to gaze and dream...and hope.

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However, many of us never did get the toys we wanted: whether it was a robot, jungle kit, a particular doll, board game, secret agent gun...there's a toy in everyone's life that was just never acquired.

The photo gallery below shows fifty old toys that were hawked on television back in the 50s and 60s that you, your parent, or grandparent wanted as a kid and possibly never received. Even if you've never heard of most of these toys and games, you may still get a kick out of seeing the stuff your parents/grandparents played with...and wanted.

Show this gallery to someone who was around back then...if a sparkle or gleam appears in their eye, take note of the item that did it...then look it up on ebay. Wouldn't that make a wonderful gift for that person this Christmas? You bet it would...

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