It looks like President-elect Joe Biden says there may be a $2,000 stimulus check after all.

According to WOOD, while Biden was campaigning in Georgia for senate candidates Warnock and Ossoff, he made a pitch to voters there would likely be a $2,000 stimulus check if the two Democrats win each of their prospective races.

So far it looks like President-elect Biden may have to fulfill a promise right out the gate as Raphael Warnock was on his senate seat in Georgia and Jon Ossoff is currently leading in his race.

I can't tell you how soon those checks will come out because there will need to be some approval but my guess would be shortly after the inauguration.

In the second round stimulus package a check of $2,000 was to be a part of bill but the Senate and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell shot down the check's to only $600.

I have never seen a Senate election in Georgia affect Michigan and the rest of the nation before like this Senate runoff has.

If the Democrats regain control of the Senate, we get a quick look at if the President-elect Joe Biden's word is as good as he says it is. We all can only hope.

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