When I was younger, my friends and I used to play a game where we would go shopping and we would each try to buy the weirdest configuration of items. The goal? To see if we could get a weird look from the cashier. What can I say, we got bored sometimes...

Walmart was one of those places we used to shop at because they were usually open 24 hours a day. And apparently they keep pretty good records of what everyone buys. According to Delish, Walmart took a look at what everyone across the country was buying and discovered some interesting things, like what the weirdest thing we buy in each state.

For Michiganders, we seem to really like the smell of lavender. Delish says that the weirdest thing we buy is "lavender scented cleaning products". To be honest, I don't find this very weird... what's wrong with cleaning? And cleaning with such a yummy smelling scent? I mean, I think it's way weirder that South Carolina buys a whole bunch of coin banks... Check out the full list of weird purchases across the country here.

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