Since people are getting hurt I hesitate even bringing this up, but the story deserves to be told. Especially since I've done this too many times to count (I'm sure that comes as a big surprise to you) but luckily I never got hurt. I actually never thought doing this could cause injuries. But yet, it apparently can.

It's that trick where you take a cup of boiling water outside when it's really, really cold. You throw the cup of water in the air and voila! the cold water turns into what looks like snow as it falls to the ground.

It's a pretty cool trick. Until somebody gets hurt.

According to, people are ending up in the emergency room because they are being hit by the boiling water and being burned to varying degrees. Victims include the people throwing the water and bystanders who are being hit by the boiling water.

So, be careful out there with these science experiments. And get more info about this story here at

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