Scientific fact - without Lake Michigan to our west, the weather would've been even colder than it has been this week. Think about it - Chicago, Wisconsin and Minnesota were all colder than we were yesterday. And Grand Rapids was actually warmer. Why? Because it's on the east side of (and closer to) Lake Michigan.

According to an interview with the Detroit Free Press,  Brent Lofgren, a scientist at the NOAA's Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor says, “Air near the surface warms up by contact with the lakes,” Lofgren said. “The air will generally spread out along the surface, rather than rising back into the air column.”  As the polar vortex moved across Lake Michigan, she lovingly warmed it up and sent it east across her favorite state - Michigan. It wasn't perfect, but after the time we've spent with her, sometimes all we need is a wink from across the room.

So, next time you're at the beach or on the dunes along Lake Michigan this summer, raise a glass or beer and thank Lake Michigan. She keeps us warm in the winter and she's fun in the summer. Just keep yourself on her right side.

And THAT gentlemen, is a lesson for life.

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