's cold. Darn cold (can I say that?). And the extreme cold outside could also mean problems inside your home.

Things can freeze up and cause problems. Like pipes. Pipes freezing in your home can be a huge problem because they can stop working and even worse, they can burst. That's never a happy occasion.

WILX-TV says that there are precautions you can take to help prevent frozen and bursting pipes. Precautions that are as old as things my Dad used to do years ago when the temps dipped really low.

These precautions by the way are really simple. Like opening kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors where your water pipes are located to keep them at room temperature, especially if they are next to a wall that faces outside. You may also want to turn your faucets on too and just let a very small stream of water run through them. That will also keep pipes from freezing up.

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