According to the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids, the beginning of March isn't going to feel like the usual March, even for Michigan.

The Service states that temperatures that will be really cold for this time of year will be happening through Wednesday and the wind chills will hit below zero, too.

One of the big issues with all of this unusual weather activity is the possibility of more ice jams, like the kind that Portland has had to deal with recently. With low temps and wind chills, just like the conditions in January and February, ice can grow rapidly causing river water levels to change very quickly and with virtually no warning.

Here's what the National Weather Service says about this potential threat:

There are currently several ice jams in West Michigan, and the threat for more will increase next week as cold temperatures and snow lead to rapid ice growth on rivers. Ice jams can cause ice to jam up and block river channels, and may lead to rapid rises in river levels and localized flooding. If you live along a river, pay close attention to ice and water levels, and be prepared to move to higher ground if water begins to threaten your location!

Get more info here from the National Weather Service.

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