If you spent any time on Facebook or Twitter late Monday afternoon or Monday night, chances are you saw a lot of pictures and/or videos of brooms that were standing on their own. (Just like the one featured in the photo above.) It was deemed the 'broom challenge' and it all started because of some bogus internet claim that was supposedly from NASA. Yep, NASA.

Many people online said that the 'broom challenge' would only work on February 10th--and ONLY on February 10th--because of a claim from NASA regarding "the earth’s gravitational pull." In reality, there really was no such claim from NASA about the brooms and gravitational pull but it's the internet and that didn't matter because darn it, people wanted their brooms to stand on their own and they wanted to take a picture of it, too. And if I'm being honest, I'd rather see people post pictures of their brooms in their kitchen over most of what's posted these days...Anyway, if you missed out on the 'broom challenge' on Monday, you can still try it today...because guess what? It's still supposed to work today (and any day for that matter.)

You can read more from Heavy.com about the whole bogus NASA claim and 'broom challenge' hoax.

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