I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I'm pretty geeked up about the new Ken Burns documentary on PBS about country music. The full series will debut on September 15th. However, our friends at WKAR-TV have shared a 25 minute preview so you can get a peek at what the show's going to be like.

Pretty impressive. I'm not surprised - I've been a big Ken Burns fan ever since the Civil War series back in 1990 (are you kidding me? It's been almost 30 years ago?) Here's something you may not know - Ken grew up and went to high school in Ann Arbor. His dad taught at Michigan, but Ken went to Hampshire College in Massachusetts.

In the preview, Ken talks about the fact that as he got into telling the story of country music, it turned out to be "much more complicated" than he every felt the film would be. I was hooked after the first clip they show of Dolly Parton talking about her mom.

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