Remember the ice bucket challenge? Or the mannequin challenge? Well, now there's the cheese challenge?! Yep. And it's pretty weird. Over the weekend, the cheese challenge happened. If you haven't heard about it, the cheese challenge is a new viral internet challenge where parents are throwing slices of cheese at their babies' faces and then they post the video of the cheese throwing online. Weird, huh? I would've told you that you were crazy and that this couldn't be a thing unless I hadn't seen the videos for myself. (See below.)

According to a report from NBC New York, the whole cheese challenge thing started on Twitter when some guy "cheesed" a baby and tweeted the video. (He apparently has since deleted that tweet, by the way.) The cheese challenge even has its own hashtag ...#cheesed...and now it's not just babies that are getting cheese thrown at them. The report says that moms, dads, girlfriends and dogs are all getting cheese thrown in their face.

Think it's abusive? Well, an expert says it isn't. According to the article, a Children's Rights official cautioned parents about the challenge, but said it didn't amount to abuse. Sandy Santana says “This phenomenon is not child abuse and is generally not meant to harm the child, " she said. "But parents should, first and foremost, treat their children with care. Throwing cheese at helpless babies can, in some cases, shock them and lead to unnecessary discomfort. Is that really worth a few social media likes?” Amen!

In case you don't believe me or need to see it for yourself, here's a cheese challenge compilation video I found on YouTube. Wow.

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