Call it a “phantom” bridge or an “abandoned” bridge, it's still the same thing.

In Berrien County, St. Joseph Township, near Stevensville, is Hickory Creek. Across the creek at a certain point are two bridges: one is a small steel riveted pony truss, constructed in the 1930s and overgrown with foliage. The other is a Timber Stringer, built in 1962 on Maiden Lane, bypassing the old steel bridge.

The newer bridge is mainly built of wood with an asphalt pavement covering it. Knowing this, it seems only a matter of time until this 1962 bridge falls into disrepair, long before the older 1930s steel bridge.

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The smaller 1930s Maiden Lane bridge is easily seen from the highway, crossing Hickory Creek and overgrown with weeds, grass and trees. As far as I know, motorists can get out and explore the old bridge. Although the old bridge has been neglected, it is still sturdy and is holding up well. It is no longer meant to be driven across, as the road that once went through has been seeded over. That road was probably the older version of Maiden Lane, which was moved about 40 feet north where the new bridge was erected.

It's a very interesting sight to see and to visit. Take a look at the photos below, and maybe stop by someday and get your own pictures of this deserted old bridge at the edge of the woods!

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