Today on "Stump the Chumps", our question came from Vernieta, from Lansing. Her question for us was:

"What pre-show ritual does Billy Currington perform before each concert?"

Of course, the obvious answer is, "sacrifice a goat." Surprisingly, that was not the answer. Apparently, before every show, Billy downs a shot of virgin olive oil. Yeah, that was pretty much our reaction, too.

But Billy is a healthy eater. According to our friends at the Taste Of Country website, Billy is a juicer and says he drinks a lot of coconut water. Here's a story about Billy's healthy eating habits.

We'll ask him about the olive oil when we see Billy, on June 11th, for the big Taste of Country - Lansing concert, downtown, at the Cooley Law School Stadium. For tickets, click here.


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