Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share my list of Top 5 Country Songs For Valentine's Day. Some of these songs you may be quite familiar with and others...maybe not so much...


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    "I Cross My Heart"-George Strait

    Quite simply, you can't have a list about love songs without including a song by George Strait. This song was part of the Pure Country soundtrack in 1992 and it's King it had to make the list!

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    "Love Me"-Collin Raye

    This is a song that was released in 1991 by Collin Raye. It was written by Skip Ewing and it's actually used a lot at funerals. I'm a big Collin Raye fan, so this one is making my list. :)

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    "Valentine"-Martina McBride w/ Jim Brickman

    Duh. This song made the list for obvious reasons...IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY! She released this song in 1997.


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    "When I Said I Do"-Clint Black & Lisa Hartman

    It's hard to get any more romantic than this...the song was written by Clint Black about his wife Lisa Hartman. It went to #1 in 1999.

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    "You Just Get Better All The Time"-Tim McGraw

    This is one of my favorite songs that was never released by Tim McGraw and that makes me sad. (I even asked him about this song when he was at Common Ground last summer.) It's on his Everywhere album that was released in 1997.

    A big reason that I love this song? My husband and I actually had it played at our wedding... :)

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