Let's fix the d*mn bridges. Okay, I couldn't resist that one...

Anyway, it looks like that is exactly what is going to happen, at least to some of them.

According to our media partners at News 10, there are five bridges targeted to be gussied up due to the Lansing City Council's Committee of the Ways and Means giving the go ahead to spend over a million and a half dollars for said repairs.

Here's the deal, the bridges won't be torn down and rebuilt, they will be given minor repairs, which will include board, beam and support improvements. You know, important bridge stuff.

Outside of the five bridges chosen for improvements, there will be others that get some love including some in Old Town. One specifically mentioned is the bridge that crosses Pennsylvania Avenue and also the bridge by Kruger's Landing.

Also mentioned was that some of the funding will also go toward improving Lansing park trails.

Get more info on the improvements here from News 10.

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