Let me preface this with a little back story about me and my boyfriend... Matthew and I have been dating since our freshman year of high school. For those of you doing the math at home, we'll be celebrating our 13 year anniversary this September. So, for the past couple few several years now, the most frequently asked question we get is... "So when are you gonna get married?" Welp, I finally have an answer for you... Soon, BECAUSE WE JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!

My amazing and wonderful boyfriend-turned-fiance planned this awesome birthday road trip down to Nashville and Louisville for us this past weekend. We had just finished up a tour at Mammoth Caves in Kentucky when he asked a stranger to take our picture. She took a couple, they looked super cute, but then Matthew handed her back the camera and asked her to take just one more, and that's when he asked me to be his wife. On my birthday to boot!!!

Cindy, the stranger from Toledo who took the pictures, was just as surprised as I was, she was really freaking out. But, I am so thankful to her because she took the best candid pictures of the whole thing. And the reason Matthew asked her to take our pic was because I had already struck up a conversation with her about her cute golden retriever that I had asked her if I could pet. So it was a pretty amazing proposal in my opinion - I got to pet a ridiculously cute dog AND get engaged. Win Win. I'm just so freaking excited, and I really wanted to share with my Wittle Family. So please enjoy the pics below, courtesy of Cindy from Toledo!

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