Meredith Grey and Christina Yang were onto something whenever they danced it out on Grey's Anatomy. According to Good News Network, 80% of people feel happier after they bust a move and more than half of people say their mental health is better because of it. I don't know about you, but listening to music and dancing helps almost any situation. Bummed that you have to clean the house? Dance while you do it! Who cares if you look like a limp noodle doing it. The only one watching is your cat.

A psychologist by the name of Dr. Peter Lovatt told Good News Network that dancing can help our stress and anxiety in a lot of ways during the pandemic. Almost half of people surveyed said music helps them forget their problems and dancing makes them feel like they can let loose. Dr. Lovatt says, "Dancing helps the mind break away from set patterns of thinking–and that’s why dancing reduces stress."

I know this sounds ridiculous, but back when I used to live with my best friend, every time we got into an argument, we'd dance it out afterwards. When one of us would storm off, the other would start some music and send a text "Get out in the living room, let's dance it out." Obviously, dancing isn't appropriate for every situation. You probably shouldn't try to bust a move while telling your significant other it's not working out unless it's while you're walking out the door.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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