It's been almost a week since the unthinkable happened at Oxford High School. Since the shooting that took the life of four students, we are learning more and more about that terrifying day.

As the investigation continues, authorities are learning more details on what took place inside the school during the shooting and one particular safety device is being hailed as saving the lives of several students and staff.

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Nightlock, a door barricading device, may have helped students and staff when the high school went into lockdown during the shooting. The devices, which are made by the Mt. Morris based company, are attached to doors and floors to keep them secure from opening. According to ABC12, 600 of these door barricading devices were used inside Oxford High School last Tuesday afternoon when they went into lockdown.

"Nightlock worked, they should be in every building, in every school.... " Rick Morris, Oxford High School Parent said.

Owned by Jack and Joe Taylor, the company was founded in 2011 and manufactures markets, and installs its patented Nightlock® home, school, and business security products. Jack Taylor told ABC12 News that the Nightlock devices are currently in more than 300 school districts across the state, many of which are in mid-Michigan.

"I've always been asked if our locks have ever saved lives, and now they have. I've always said I hope they never have a chance to save a life but they have this time," Taylor told ABC12."We felt good. We knew that most of those kids were safe".

If you want more information about Nightlock contact  Chris Ahearn

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