One discussion that seems to come up a lot these days is finding new things to do and see now that our freedoms are starting to return to normal. There are so many options for things to do in Michigan, sometimes the simplest things go unnoticed. Ever since I was a kid, outer space and other planets have always intrigued me, I’m sure growing up close to Cape Canaveral in Florida had some influence on that.

I recently learned that there is an observatory close by in Potterville at Fox Park. Eaton County operates this facility and it’s open to the public for viewing the moon, the stars and whatever else peaks your interest. The Friends of Eaton County Parks helps fund and operate this unique facility.

The Fox Park Public Observatory was built entirely with donations and contributions from Lansing area businesses and opened its doors for public viewing the fall of 1999. The Observatory was run by a dedicated group of amateur astronomers in conjunction with the Capital Area Astronomy Association (CAAA) for many years.


On nights with 30% or less cloud cover they open up their roof and you are invited to view the skies using one of their many telescopes in their 30 by 30 foot open observatory. Their team of volunteers are there to assist and help you with the telescopes, and are also happy to share their knowledge of outer space. Here is their current schedule of events, and they welcome you to call anytime to inquire about viewing hours and upcoming events.

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Whether it's just you and your significant other or a group of friends or co-workers, this is a fun adventure to take advantage of one evening. You could say it's an out of this world experience.


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