If you watch Pawn Stars on the History Channel at all, you've seen Joel Magee. He's one of their experts they call in to help put a value on collectible items. His specialty is toys. Recently he found and bought one of the rarest Hot Wheels cars around.

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Joel now owns an early prototype Hot Wheels Camaro. According to Carscoops.com, this particular Camaro was painted with white enamel, possibly to show any manufacturing defects. It's thought the one Joel found is the only one of it's kind and because of that it's been estimated to be worth $100,000.

Magee says it's one of the three rarest Hot Wheels cars: “The Beach Bomb and the Olds 442 are the only other rare Hot Wheels on the level of the white enamel Hong Kong Camaro.”

Wait!? An Olds 442? Is it possible someone who used to work at Oldsmobile here in Lansing snapped up one of those and doesn't know what they have in their attic?

Better check.

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